Unfair Electioneering by Texas League of Women Voters

February 27, 2008

I just read the Voter Guide from Texas League of Women Voters, and Mike Huckabee is excluded from the candidate list!

As I read through the voter’s guide, it seemed the only reason they excluded the second ranked Republican candidate was not the voter turnout, nor the national attention, not the imminent qualifications for the job. Rather, the only disqualification was that Governor Huckabee had not raised/spent enough money.

Ron Paul, who has raised a ton of money, is not much further ahead in the polls than when he started. I cannot understand how is he is a more viable candidate than Mr Huckabee.

Governor Huckabee is instead a true Web 2.0 candidate, who is able to leverage the power of grass-roots efforts without having to try to buy his way into office.

The League of Women Voters prides themselves as a nonpartisan political organization. They claim they have “fought since 1920 to improve our systems of government and impact public policies through citizen education and advocacy”

As it stands, the Texas guide is an aggregeous act of electioneering, an unconscionable interference with the political process, and is in direct violation to the spirit of non-partisanship the league has long been known for.

If the League of Women Voters is to retain credibility as a force for democractic action in this country, it is imperative that they retract the guide, and be exposed for this mistake of judgement.

I urge you to contact the Texas League of Women Voters at lwvtexas@lwvtexas.org to express your similar displeasure. (I also sent a similar email to the national LWV through their website contact form.)

When you’re done there, contact the Ohio League on their web contact form. Their voter guide lists a number of candidates that have withdrawn, and that Gov Romney did not respond to their requests for information, but Governor Huckabee is not mentioned anywhere. There is no indication that they even tried to contact him.