Who’s running the country?

August 25, 2009

It’s becoming clear that Barry Obama is in over his head.  In his early state visits, he committed a number of serious protocol blunders.  His second-in-command isn’t let out in public any more, afraid of what “crazy uncle Joe” might say. (“Hey, I found the secret bunker.  Wanna know where it is?”)

The stimulus bill was put in place before he took office.  It’s not his, it’s Nancy Pelosi’s!  She pushed it through.  All Obama did was sign it and take credit for it.  Except that now that it’s not working, all he can say is “the problem was worse than what we thought.”  In other words, “I signed it before I read it, and I sure hope it works, because I’ve stolen the credit from its authors.”

Health care was an issue he campaigned on, but the bill came out of the House.  It’s a thousand pages of Democrat Party pork.  It’s the rough draft of Hillary’s failed health plan, without the attention to detail or careful study.  Mr Obama is out making fake speeches with hired audiences about why it’s important, trying to tell us it doesn’t say what it clearly does say.  He’d know that if he’d read the bill.

Again, it’s Ms Pelosi that’s running the show.  She thinks in party lines and can’t understand why the Average American doesn’t.  We think issues and people.  The American people elected Obama as President, and we think he can control his party.  He can’t. 

Last Spring, he said we were gonna close Gitmo but there’s no place to move it.  He also said he wouln’t prosecute the CIA for what happened there. But as soon as he leaves on another vacation, his Attorney General announces a special prosecutor to look at whether someone ought to be tried for the tactics.

And now he can only stand by in amazement as the economy keeps getting worse and unemployment getting higher.

It’s no wonder his approval ratings are slipping so badly.  In barely half a year, his numbers are getting down to where Bush’s were after 7 years.  Worst part is, Hillary is starting to look good by comparison.