Congress Stuck in Reverse

March 18, 2010

Seems like the only thing Congress is doing is making the economy worse.  At least all they’ve done lately is debate the health insurance bill – which isn’t going anywhere soon – which leaves them less time to mess up other matters of national interest.

Note that this is a bill about insurance.  It’s not health care.  If we wanted improved health care for poor people, we would staff public health clinics better and have them open 24 hours, instead of daytime work hours only.  Or we’d do malpractice reform to drive those costs down and let doctors and hospitals charge less.

Did you notice they’re cutting MedicAid and MediCare to pay for this plan?  Cut funding for the most vulnerable so they can claim this monster “saves” money.  It’s gonna bankrupt us and they know it.  (It’ll just give them something to legislate about later, and that’s why they do it.)

I haven’t had a chance to read the forest-killer of a bill, even if it were posted online in advance (another broken promise).  I know that allowing sales of insurance coverage across state lines would go a long way toward implementing the goals.

Congress is driving the country deeper and deeper in debt, and the country doesn’t trust them to do the right thing.  Gallup today noted the Congressional approval ratings are down to 16% of the people!

And the President thinks if he can give away more perks and bully his party they will roll over.  Meanwhile, he ignores a world falling apart and cancels key diplomatic visits.  If we’re lucky, the country might survive until he’s voted out of office.