Joe Biden: Not Ready to Govern

July 7, 2009

Crazy Uncle Joe Biden is at it again. Over the weekend, our favorite politician again showed why the Democrats still aren’t quite ready to govern.

“We misread how bad the economy was, but we are now only about 120 days into the recovery package,” he said. “The truth of the matter was, no one anticipated, no one expected that that recovery package would in fact be in a position at this point of having to distribute the bulk of money.”

Didn’t the opposition ticket suggest a different package to cure the economy? Didn’t the Republican leadership warn that the stimulus package would not solve the problem – would even make it worse?

How many times will Hillary be proven right?  Who is competent to govern when the phone rings?  One diplomatic faux pas after another, renegging on “open government” and accountability.

If our leaders are making it up as they go along, do they have to play with so much of my money?

source:  ABC News


Obama Mouths McCain’s Message

October 11, 2008

I was pointed to a speech given by Barack Obama in Charlotte, NC on Sep 21.  Looking at it, it seems Obama gives a pretty good case for why McCain should be president. Read the rest of this entry »

Biden Skimps on Charity

October 10, 2008

Back in August, I compared the charity of Obama to McCain.  McCain was the clear winner, giving away over 20% of his income to Obama’s 5%.  But Biden makes even Obama look generous.

Paul Caron at TaxProfBlog looked at Biden’s tax returns.  His income seems to be limited to his  Senator’s pay, his wife’s teaching pay and some book income.  But outgo matched income.  They save about 8% of their income in 3 credit unions.  They own no interest-bearing stock outside of retirement accounts (which aren’t reported)  But he gives only minor amounts to charity. Read the rest of this entry »

Biden’s Role in the Mortgage Mess

October 9, 2008

Barack Obama likes to say the current mortgage mess was created by Bush, and that if McCain wanted to stop it, he’s been in the Senate long enough.  That’s ignores Joe Biden’s history in that same institution.

Take the Financial Services Modernization Bill (S900 in 1999).  It was “an Act to enhance competition in the financial services industry by providing a prudential framework for the affiliation of banks, securities firms, and other financial service providers, and for other purposes. ”  Among its provisions were provisions to

– Provide a prudential framework for the affiliation of banks, securities firms, insurance companies, and other financial services providers.

– Grant the Treasury Department oversight responsibility of banks’ financial services, excluding real estate activities and insurance underwriting

– Require public disclosure of all financial agreements made under the 1977 Community Reinvestment (CRA) Act

A “yes” vote would repeal Depression era banking restrictions.  A “no” vote is a vote against sweeping changes in the rules governing financial institutions and is a vote in favor of the President’s position.

Biden voted against these protection.  McCain voted for them.  It passed and became law.