Stand Up!

February 29, 2008

The media continues to treat the Republican nomination as a done deal. Maybe it’s their habit of “calling” an election based on exit interviews. Maybe because they’re too used to traditional politics, and Mike Huckabee is anything but traditional. He’s the first candidate in a long time to fully exercise the power of the internet to mobilize a dynamic grass-roots effort coupled with achievable ideals. He uses the web and social networking like a pro.

There’s an axiom in church planting that says if you don’t have money, you improvise, but if you have money you trust the money, and don’t really have much to show for it when the money’s gone. That’s certainly been true in this election. Other candidates have raised and spent significant amounts of money with nothing to show for it. Huckabee has never been about the money, so when it’s not there, he’s still able to press on.

So, despite what the media says, we press on. When the whole world is telling us to sit down, Governor Huckabee is telling us to stand up.

Don’t give up, Ohio! The home of the inventors of powered flight and of elevators is not the home of people who will be kept down by old-timers who say it can’t be done. Stand strong Texas! The independence of a proud people should set an example of oppressive outsiders.

Stand up America!


Grass Roots in Action

February 28, 2008

In earlier posts, I mentioned how Governor Huckabee is running a non-traditional campaign. Other candidates are letting their money talk. Huckabee’s “Web 2.0” campaign uses thousands of volunteers, most of whom are computer savy.

Today, I got an email (web, remember?) from Mike Huckabee. He wrote that over 13,000 comments have been left on the campaign blog in just 16 hours today. The reason is clearly, as he himself declared, “Voters are clearly hungry for a healthy discussion of ideas.”

This year should not be business as usual. Huckabee’s campaign is breaking new ground. The problem is with the mainstream media and old guard party leadership.

If you want to be part of the movement, step on over to Huckabee’s blog and leave a comment.

And while you’re there, make a donation. While we run on ideas, there are still expenses of running a national campaign to finance.

Unfair Electioneering by Texas League of Women Voters

February 27, 2008

I just read the Voter Guide from Texas League of Women Voters, and Mike Huckabee is excluded from the candidate list!

As I read through the voter’s guide, it seemed the only reason they excluded the second ranked Republican candidate was not the voter turnout, nor the national attention, not the imminent qualifications for the job. Rather, the only disqualification was that Governor Huckabee had not raised/spent enough money.

Ron Paul, who has raised a ton of money, is not much further ahead in the polls than when he started. I cannot understand how is he is a more viable candidate than Mr Huckabee.

Governor Huckabee is instead a true Web 2.0 candidate, who is able to leverage the power of grass-roots efforts without having to try to buy his way into office.

The League of Women Voters prides themselves as a nonpartisan political organization. They claim they have “fought since 1920 to improve our systems of government and impact public policies through citizen education and advocacy”

As it stands, the Texas guide is an aggregeous act of electioneering, an unconscionable interference with the political process, and is in direct violation to the spirit of non-partisanship the league has long been known for.

If the League of Women Voters is to retain credibility as a force for democractic action in this country, it is imperative that they retract the guide, and be exposed for this mistake of judgement.

I urge you to contact the Texas League of Women Voters at to express your similar displeasure. (I also sent a similar email to the national LWV through their website contact form.)

When you’re done there, contact the Ohio League on their web contact form. Their voter guide lists a number of candidates that have withdrawn, and that Gov Romney did not respond to their requests for information, but Governor Huckabee is not mentioned anywhere. There is no indication that they even tried to contact him.

A Formidable Candidate

February 26, 2008

I was rumaging around the net and found this article from Washington Post about how Mick Huckabee would play as the Republican candidate.  The article says, in part:

“Wooten Johnson, a Democratic strategist based in Louisiana, said that Huckabee ‘isn’t flawed in the eyes of the Republican base. But more importantly, he has a record of being a true compassionate conservative. He will be able to attract those suburban voters that don’t want to vote for [a] Democrat.’

“What lessons can Democrats learn from Huckabee’s past political career? First and foremost, painting him as an extremist just doesn’t work. While Huckabee is likely more conservative than the average voter, he doesn’t come across as a fire-breathing conservative, and Democrats seeking to paint him as such have come up short before.

“Should Huckabee wind up as the GOP nominee, the traditional Democratic playbook might well have to be rewritten to cope with his unorthodox approach”

That must be why the liberal media is working so hard to coronate John McCain as the  Republican nominee.

Huckabee’s Sense of Humor

February 26, 2008

It was a gutsy move. Gov Huckabee appeared on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, and made fun of himself. The segment mentioned his “when it’s time to go, I’ll leave gracefully.” And then he wouldn’t leave the set. At the end of the skit, Seth Myers remarked about his “great sense of humor.”

McCain’s Vulnerability

February 26, 2008

Yesterday, I was reading the Romney supporter’s blog (comMITTed to Romney), which has turned into a mix of tributes for GMR and political strategy.  (I’m part of the latter.)

I posted:

“… understand that if there is no war, McCain has no platform. His “paygo” approach says for the military to recover from Iraq we will have to boost taxes or print money. Health care? Mortgage mess? Energy? There is no platform there that at the moment that will catch anyone’s attention.” (comment #71)

Today, John McCain admitted just as much.

“John McCain said Monday that to win the White House he must convince a war-weary country that U.S. policy in Iraq is succeeding. If he can’t, “then I lose. I lose,” the Republican said. … While most Republicans continue to back the war, many independents and Democrats don’t. That presents a significant challenge for McCain and an opportunity for either Barack Obama or Hillary Rodham Clinton.  McCain acknowledged the war will be ‘a significant factor in how the American people judge my candidacy.’ “

Senator McCain continued: 

“There could be other things that happen both domestically and politically,” he said, adding that the economy and subprime mortgages weren’t the issues three months ago that they are today. “We’ve got many months to go before the general election. But is Iraq an important part of the judgment that people will make of me, of course.”

And so they will.  If the best the Republicans can do is to field a candidate with only one issue, and that being an issue that doesn’t resonate with, then we lose before we begin.  Romney’s money was wasted.  Huckabee’s passion was ignored.  The party will have been sold down the river.

And so we pray again.  And we do not give up.  If Governor Huckabee does not prevail, we all lose.

Pray for those in leadership position

February 22, 2008

The big news today is a smear against John McCain.  It alleges ethical misconduct by the Senator 8 years ago.  The influential says  Senator McCain has personally pleaded with the publisher of  the New York Times, which published the allegations just as McCain seems in striking distance of clinching the Republican nomination.   But in case that doesn’t work, Drudge says the Senator has hired powerful DC attorney Bob Bennett to mount a legal defense against the accusation.  The lobbyist in question denies any undue influence, and has also hired a lawyer to counter the accusations.

Drudgereport continued that “reporter Jim Rutenberg had hoped to break the story before the Christmas holiday, sources reveal, but editor Keller expressed serious reservations about journalism ethics and issuing a damaging story so close to an election.”

Remember this is all allegation and accusation.  Even if it’s found to be true, we are a nation where people are considered innocent until proven guilty.  This is something that happened 8 years ago, and it just looks odd that it never came up until just now.

You know I strive to honor Governor Huckabee’s instructions to run a positive campaign.  The weekend before Iowa, he almost ran some negative ads, but pulled them from airing, “wasting” valuable campaign resources.   And he has refused to go negative throughout the campaign.  Senator McCain has complemented the Governor several times for the quality of his campaign, that he ran a hard but positive race.  That’s a great reputation.

Now that Senator McCain is in trouble, we should do what we do best – pray for him.  It’s a little out of context, but scripture says we should pray for leadership.  Let’s pray for justice to be done, and quickly, that Senator McCain’s hardfought campaign can continue.

I want Mike Huckabee to win the nomination.  Just not this way.