Other Political Pages

Conservative and Proud (Conservative-and-Proud.blogspot.com) a pro-conservative candidate website

DonkeyDish.com – News about 2008 Democratic candidates.  The site used to be called “afterW” and nothing has been posted since Sept 08.  Note the last post was yellow journalism about Sarah Palin.

MeetBarackObama.com – GOP site explaining who Obama is.  This is a dozen links to other sites.

Dr NoBama – gop.com/nobama – Republican Party site, posting dirty dirt on Barack Obama

Mitt Romney Fan Club (coMITTed to Romney) no issue posts.  Mostly copied stories from somewhere else, although there’s some pretty virulent slander of other presidential hopefuls, especially Mike Huckabee.  The site (electRomneyin2008.com) is still active, still quoting whole speeches by or articles about Romney, and digs at Huckabee.

Huckabee for President – mikehuckabee.com – the formal campaign site for the 2008 primaries.


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