Romney Economic Plan Preview

January 29, 2008

What happens when the straight line capatalists take over the economy?  When the pump and run financial experts take over, what is the result?

Sarah Evans of  Shaker Heights, a suburb of Cleveland, has an opinion.  “When folks buy a home they expect to die in it, I guess,” she said as she stood outside in the cold. “I had my American Dream but it became a nightmare.”

 According to a Briebart news article, her neighborhood has been ravaged by the results of the subprime mortage mess. 

She’s afraid she’ll soon lose thetwo-bedroom house she’s lived for more than 30 years because she can’t afford the new monthly payments.  Like everyone else in the neighborhood, she did a leveraged buyout of her credit debt by using the increased equity in her house.  And like the rest of her neighborhood, it went south. 

 Soon, her property will join the rest of the street on the portfolio of the new owner: a bank.

This crisis will not be fixed before the election.  It’s 1992 all over again – “it’s the economy, stupid!”

And Romney is in no position to suggest alternatives.  He made his money being the bank.


Fried Chicken and Coffee

January 29, 2008

There’s a great article on Fox Online News this morning that reflects on the importance of knowing your consituency.  Governor Romney was in Pensicola, FL, and ate lunch at KFC.  He ordered the fried chicken, but gingerly pulled off the skin.  It wouldn’t be news except it shows he doesn’t know the people he’s trying to represent.   It was such an obvious error in southern dining that the reporters picked up on it immediately. 

They asked Mike Huckabee about it, and he gave them the answer they already knew, that “any Southerner knows that if you’re not gonna eat the skin, don’t bother with calling it fried chicken.”

Then Governor Huckabee went on to remind everyone that President Gerald Ford, running for re-election, went to Texas and tried to eat a tamale with its corn husk still on it.  Huckabee reminded us of common wisdom, that such a blatant show of local ineptitude, of being out of touch with real America, is what lost him the election to Jimmy Carter.

 For his part, Huckabee was in Miami, Fl this weekend, explaining how the Fair Tax would help Cuban-Americans.   The Dayton Beach News-Journal online opened the story with Mike Huckabee drinking “his first-ever swallow of bitter Cuban coffee, smiled big and asked for another.”  The audience laughed, and from that moment forward, the former Governor of Arkansas was “officially one of them.”

Whether he liked it or not, Huckabee knew that – to be polite – he’d have to eat local and drink local, a tradition that will be needed for a world leader.   In world politics, the real business comes after the meal, because how you eat shows whether you trust the lcoals.  When they give you their very best and you don’t respect their food, it’s taken as an insult on them personally.  Huckabee knows that.  Romney apparently doesn’t.

Truth in Advertising

January 27, 2008

I set up a Google Alert for Mike Huckabee, but one of the blogs it found was a Romney site.  I went and read lies, half-truths and slander against my Mike.

Now, I don’t want you to think the site was run by or endorsed by the Romney for President committee.  Instead, it was a bunch of posters who  liked to shade the truth and quote one another as “references”.

They make attempts at humor by butchering the names of opponents.

I should have known better.  It was partisan propaganda, and anytime anyone tried to add facts and objective reasoning to the post, the reply is more often than not an attack on the poster’s character than reasoned discussion.

I choose instead to follow the advice of candidate Mike Huckabee.  No negative campaigning.  No personal attacks.  Just truth.

What a welcome change.