2-man Race!

February 8, 2008

It’s a full-court offensive now, and the opposition isn’t even subtle. My local paper has their breaking news headline saying “Romney suspends run, McCain gets GOP nod.

It’s not true.

Daily Press.com even said there’s no reason for the Virginia primary now. I disagree. I know that without Romney, there is now only one Conservative candidate with a chance of winning. Conservatives should turn their attention to Mike Huckabee if they want change in government.

Romney did not pledge his delegates to McCain. Even if he did, those delegates are not obligated to vote at the convention for someone their state did not pick. Those delegates are in effect now “free agents.” In a sense, McCain is in even worse shape than if Romney had stayed in.

Gov Romney thought he could buy an election. He raised $88M- half of it his own money – and spent most of it. Gov Huckabee has raised a total of $8M, a tenth as much, and has about a million in reserves right now. Romney’s message was that we could spend our way out of a recession. Huckabee’s message remains that the solution is to empower the people and give them a cause worth working for, and they will solve the solution themselves.

Governor Huckabee is the only Republican with the ideas and leadership needed to make a radical change for the better in America. And he’s in it for the long haul. He’s not burning through his kids’ inheritance for a shot at glory. He’s got his kids working side by side him in the fight to become the country’s next servant leader.

I for one am not giving up.