Organizing the Global Community

When asked during the campaign what management experience he had had, Mr Obama cited his experience as a community organizer.  He wanted us to think he was experienced at getting people together to get things done.  But if you’ve read Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, you know better.

Mr Obama was an organizer, but mostly he was a trainer of organizers.  He was a disciple of Alinsky’s methods, even better at it than Hillary Rodham (Clinton).  But his expertise was in the organizing and the mobilizing, not the doing.

The Organizer’s toolbox was to get people angry at the status quo, find a target in the public eye, and focus that anger at the target.  They would show their own anger and indignation (even if it was only a feignt).

Alinsky wrote about the time he knew the state had a program to provide free medical care, if a community asked for it, but they had to ask.  He organized a community meeting, and told them they ought to be getting the service, and it wasn’t right they weren’t.  He told them they ought to go down and DEMAND the service.  He said he was going to go himself, and they would go with him.  He stormed into the office and bellowed his request.  When the clerk tried to offer instructions on how to begin, he cut her off and said “yes or no, are you going to help us?”  She agreed, they cheered, and he led them out of the office to the victory party.

Pres Obama told us he was going to get BP to fix the leak, as if they weren’t trying hard enough already.  He says he’s gonna “kick some ass.”  But he’s not gonna do anything.  Organizers don’t do.  They only bluster.


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