How Obama Destroyed the Gulf Economy

Our President says he’s going to get tough with the oil companies.  He’s having his Attorney General prepare to prosecute BP officials.  He’s going to ask them to compensate all the fishermen, and the tourism industry, and anyone else affected by the oil spill.

That’s what a community organizer does.  He makes them pay.  But first he makes sure the situation is bad.

What was the first thing Mr Obama did when the oil well caught fire?  He said he was concerned, but that’s all.  When the oil started leaking, he had the Coast Guard  drop a dispersant, but all that did was drop the slick under water, where it couldn’t be skimmed on its way to the beaches.

Louisiana Governor Jindall asked for permission to build artificial reefs to protect the wetlands.  The administration sat on the request.  It still isn’t approved, though the Governor recently order building the barrier be started anyway.

And what does BP say?  According to Reuters, the foreign-owned company said they will pay reasonable costs for damage caused by the  spill.

I’m thinking that most of the costs are going to be disallowed by BP.  They’re gonna claim the spill was exacerbated by the government.  Then they’re gonna leave.  Oil costs in the US will jump, and the economy will suffer trying to pay for restoration of the gulf states.


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