Obama Takes Aim

An interesting video appeared on the DNC website, asking for help combating the forces of change.

The President says the health insurance companies, the banks and other “special interests” want to unseat the progressive Democrats that have done so much to help the average American.  These are the same health insurance companies that will offer the policies that Americans are now forced to buy, whether they want to or not.  These are the banks that took millions in bailout money, but still refuse to make critical job-saving loans to small businesses that aren’t “credit worthy.” (see CNN on this).

That leaves “special interests” who want the Democrats to stop throwing money at the problems.  Like the economists CNN surveyed who say the $787B stimulus bill did nothing to improve the economy, and that it’s responding on its own.

Maybe he means the Tea Parties, who are angry at both parties for running the debt up to a projected 90% of GDP. Maybe he means white guys with jobs and the military.

Most certainly he doesn’t mean the voters specifically mentioned in the video:  “young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women who powered our victory in 2008”, the “surge” voters who had not been engaged in the process before, who aren’t involved now.

The people who gave us this mess.


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