Running the country … into the ground

Blue Virginia has a post today that calls the President’s inability to deal with a struggling economy as “Bush’s Recession.”  It’s a cheap shot, and shows a lack of understanding on what’s been going on.

It’s true GWB was distracted from correcting the structural problems left by his predecessor, keeping terrorism away.  He kept the country going while the economy struggled when al Qaida took out the world’s financial markets on 9/11.  And when the Ponzi kings and mortgage hucksters took down the economy in 2008, he took immediate action to stabilize the country. 

The Democratic “attack” was to throw gasoline on the fire.  The VEEP even admitted they didn’t understand the situation they inherited.  The old-guard Democrats don’t have a clue how to run a country. Even our Governor, with federal stimulus funds, can’t see a way ahead, short of cutting services.  What’s up with that?

(note…I tried to post this on his site, but they blocked it!  )


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