Inaugural Racism

I am astounded at the quantity of race-related comments surrounding this election.

“I never considered attending an inauguration before.”

“I never thought I’d live to see the day.”

“One of ours has made it to the highest office.”

I know I never envisioned anyone looking like Barack Hussein Obama ever residing in the White House in my lifetime and I am so glad I lived to see it.

Barack Obama has accomplished what was thought to be the impossible and become the 44th and first African American President. This historic triumph transcended race. (even though that person made a point to mention race)

A lot of people had predicted that America could never accept his election. Stealthy forces would buy votes, steal them or otherwise overturn democracy.  Instead, Obama’s opponents have congratulated him graciously, and pledged their cooperation. So far, they even seem charmed. (Does he really think that poorly of White people, to think we think about race instead of character?)

The most telling came from an NPR commentator.

“I looked behind me and the demons of my pasts were only ghosts.”

And that’s the problem.  Most non-blacks got over their racism 20 years ago.  Most Americans under 21 never learned prejudice.  Most of the blacks on the news for the past month are still fighting the demons of their childhood and the battles told them by their parents.

It’s part of the black news experience.  Especially in the Black press.  Black Voice News says “More than a quarter of the 2.6 million jobs lost in 2008 were among African-American, even though Black workers are only 11 percent of the civilian work force….That means that nearly half of all African-American men were out of work or have permanently dropped out of the labor force. What would happen if half of all White men did not have jobs?  … why doesn’t it happen in response to shameful levels of Black joblessness?”

Could it be that, even though there are significantly more  whites than blacks in America, more blacks are in prison than whites, and blacks are less likely (proportionally) to finish high school?  Or is it the white man’s fault the blacks are being held back?

I  believe Mr Obama can indeed rise above race; I hope his supporters can as well.


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