Elitist Obama

The Obamas want you to think they are just like you, not like the fat cat rich.  It’s a lie.

Take Barack’s suits. Custom tailored by Hartmarx.  Off the rack, untailored would cost $1500 each.  They won’t reveal the true cost, but likely more than that. (My good suit costs $250 … 8 years ago.) 

Folks complained when the handlers put Sarah Palin into an emergency $15,000 wardrobe when she was whisked out of Alaska and onto the campaign trail.  But what about Michelle Obama’s convention gowns?  Ill-fitting for her body type, especially considering they were custom made!  Maria Pinto’s dresses cost between $900 and $5,000 each.  And she has several.

Where is the outrage at this cost on clothing?  Michelle  claims she buys off the rack and on the internet from J Crew.  Maybe for the around-the-house stuff.  But when the cameras are rolling, she makes Palin look “department store”


source  gawker.com


2 Responses to Elitist Obama

  1. ItDawnedOnMe says:

    I’m really tired of this calling Obama an elitist. If being super educated and intelligent is elite, then that’s exactly the kind of person I want for president. For anyone who is for McCain to call Obama an elitist is really funny considering that McCain (through Cindy) is worth $100 million plus and Cindy’s outfit for the RNC convention was worth $300,000.

  2. OldGuy says:

    It’s not the level of education. My dad is a brilliant, retired PhD college professor. I work with scientists and engineers and mathemeticians doing state-of-the-art research I’m not smart enough to ask questions about. Yet they are humble, down-to-earth people.

    Nor is it the level of income. Cindy has inherited and earned income in the multimillions, and puts it aside to perform quiet charity. John, who keeps his income separate from hers, lives on a fraction of his Senate salary and donates much of the rest. As a couple, they are generally common people, and ordinary citizens are comfortable around them.

    Barack claims to be from humble origins, but he is always aloof. He acts like he knows better, that his solutions are better because we aren’t privileged enough to know the details. He will have his staff make vicious comments about his political opponents so he can claim to stay above it all. He leads from the rear.

    Elitism is an attitude. Obama has it.

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