Why McCain?

As the election gets closer, the daily polls are swinging wider.  These are uncertain times.  Unlike past elections, where it looked close but all was goodness and policy difference, the politics of hate from outlets like Daily Kos and Huffington Post have poisoned the political well so that even honest opinion comes out looking like bile.

And so I go read Orson Scott Card’s commentaries.  He primarily a science fiction writer, but that makes him a student of contemporary culture and a futurist.  He sees what is and imagines what could be from it.

His column last week was insightful:

“the media have helped Obama sell the lie that he is the moderate who can bring us together; in fact, Obama is the most radically leftist candidate ever to run as a major party nominee, and he has never shown the slightest willingness to compromise on anything. His judicial appointees would be committed dictator-judges, without exception.

Card says we should elect a candidate who will “appoint and confirm judges who did not usurp power, and who would pass laws denying any state court the right to redefine” the established laws of the land, including the definition of marriage.

“Your ability to raise your children to believe in your religion is already under attack; the New Puritans are quite prepared to use force to take your children and propagandize them to believe the scientifically indefensible dogma that gay marriage is “just the same as” marriage.”

Anyone who doesn’t accept homosexual couplings as marriages will be called names and persecuted. Our children will be propagandized to accept “marriages” that we repudiate.”

His final warning is to “choose pro-Constitution candidates in the states” and “vote for state legislators who are likely to be willing, when it becomes necessary, to … correct these abuses. … We can prevail in restoring Constitutional government to America — if we have the courage to pay the price along the way.”


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