Has Obama Won?

This is the post I’ve been avoiding writing for a week.  McCain’s performance in the debate was shameful.  There was no substance there, only attacks on Obama and continual references to Joe the Plumber. On the other hand, Obama was poised, confident, with coherent answers and kept trying to steer the conversation back to issues.

I don’t trust Obama.  There’s too much he’s done he refuses to talk about.  His friends have weird and unworkable ideas.  It’s too much we don’t know.  And we don’t know ANYTHING about Biden.  It’s as if he doesn’t exist.

But McCain is becoming a disappointment.  I was embarrassed during the debates. AIl he talks about since then is Joe the plumber.  I didn’t know who the guy was at the time, but since then, I’ve learned I’m noting like Joe.  Joe is a cheat and a tax scofflaw.

And Sarah.  A year ago, when almost no one else knew who she was, she was my choice for Huckabee’s running mate.  Now, I’m not sure she’s electable.  It’s a one-message speech, and that message sounds like “the little lady” – not a successful governor.

Sarah’s ethical problems are also troubling.  I’ve been a government employee a long time, so I know about travel regulations and try to err on the side of conservatism.  It’s clear she’s been abusing the rules and treating a public service position as her private cash cow.

I’ve gone from stongly McCain to undecided, but I’ve got to decide soon, since I’ll be voting absentee.  (I’ll be out of state on election day.)

Somebody tell me McCain is safe to trust.


One Response to Has Obama Won?

  1. Unsure too... says:

    I think McCain is safe to trust – he’s served America well, even if he doesn’t come across great in the debate setting. I don’t trust Sarah Palin at all, though, and we have to be realistic – there’s a strong possibility that McCain could become too sick during his term to carry out his duties and Palin would have to take over. I’m voting Obama.

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