Obama lacks the experience we should demand

The lead editorial of the Daily Press, the leading newspaper in southeast Virginia, says “John McCain is the better choice, whether we look at the past or the future.”  They praise Senator Obama’s accomplishment, his vision, and appeal to young voters.  But when you look at his accomplishments and values, their reasoned opinion is that he’s not ready, and not good for the country.

“…when the hopeful message of change is subjected to the glare of factual light, Obama does not emerge as the best candidate to lead the world’s most powerful nation during a time of threats both domestic and abroad, both economic and military.”

This is significant in part because the Hampton Roads region is still considered “undecided” territory, in a state that is considered a swing state.  Senator Obama was there only 3 weeks ago, and will be in nearby Richmond later this week.  It’s both heavily military (every service is represented) and with a significant Black population, with Hampton University and Norfolk State, both Historically Black Colleges.   The economy is struggling, but holding its own. It could go either way.

And so the leading information source in the region came out with a well-reasoned thought piece on what an Obama Presidency would mean for the nation.

“Obama lacks the experience we should demand from the world’s most powerful man, and his fundamental political beliefs are better suited to a more statist European nation such as France than America’s energetic capitalist culture, which demands individual responsibility as the price for maximizing our potential as humans.”

The editorial notes that when you look at his service in both the Illinois state Senate and the U.S. Senate, the resume is “thin.”  I reminds us “we look to what applicants have accomplished in their previous jobs as an indicator of what they will want to and be able to accomplish.”  There’s not much there.  He hasn’t submitted many bills, engaged in much debate, or made many public policy statements, except for his memoirs.

What we do know is what he’s proposed for his Presidency.  And it looks expensive.  Senator Obama wants to “dip into our wallets to achieve its ambitious aims.”  This does not match the lessons of history.  “America succeeds, despite down cycles that affect all nations, thanks not to government but to its citizens’ hard work and economic enterprise.”

If you want to learn more about his character, you’re out of luck there, too.  The Senator has “an inclination to turn his back on stated beliefs when it suits him, probably the most telling cautionary tale about Obama’s character. … (his) modus operandi has been to deny, then defend and eventually distance himself from political embarrassments. All of which makes one wonder what Obama truly believes.”

And McCain?  The Daily Press notes hihs “long and public record, and his forthrightness about his values and plans, leave fewer doubts about where he will take this nation, and whether he’s capable of getting there. He will focus on building the infrastructure of success — freedom, responsibility, judicious regulation, well-placed incentives — instead of hoping to achieve success by extending government’s reach and responsibilities.”

They – and I – recommend Senator McCain for President.

Source:  Daily Press, Newport News, VA


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