Abortion in the Language of Slavery

Patrick Lee wrote an interesting piece on the abortion issue.  Specifically, if the issue were framed as any other human rights issue, would it sound the same?  Lee uses the slavery arguments from 150 years ago.

The tradition argument for abortion has been expressed often by Sen Obama “I have been a consistent champion of reproductive rights and will make preserving women’s rights under Roe v.Wade a priority as President.”  He says would hope his policies would reduce the need for abortion, but will not do anything to make them (as Bill Clinton was fond of saying) “safe, legal and rare.”  It didn’t happen under Clinton, and is not likely to happen under Obama.  He supports public funding for abortions, and his health care proposal would mandate funding.  He’s a hero at NARAL (the National Abortion Rights Action League) is never on the same side as the National Right to Life organization.

So Lee looks at the Obama-Biden position on abortion were stated in terms of the slavery arguement, this is what Lee thought it might say:”

“I do not endorse slavery. I wouldn’t own slaves. I think people should be free not to own slaves, if they wish. But I am pro-choice. I have been a consistent champion of the right to own slaves for the last ten years. And I will make defense of that right a priority in my presidency. Of course, I hope fewer people will feel the need to resort to that choice, and so as president I will put into place economic policies that will reduce the need for slave labor in agriculture and in factories. But, to ensure that slavery remains an option for white men who should, after all, be free to decide how to manage their own affairs, I am in favor of providing subsidies for the purchase of slaves by whites whose farms and factories are at risk because of the high cost of wage labor.”

Lee summarizes the arguement wth “By their position on abortion, Obama and have relegated a whole class of human beings to the status of sub-personal objects that may be destroyed for the benefit of others.”

He is right in saying both are addressing the same kinds of issues:  the economy, national security, health, etc.  The difference, says Lee, is “One side wants to preserve life, the other access to abortion.”

source: National Review Online


2 Responses to Abortion in the Language of Slavery

  1. I had read on many lying Sites that Barrack Obama does not drink alcohol and that is not true.. is Obama really an alcoholic ? http://anyonecare.wordpress.com/2008/10/15/john-mccain-sarah-palin-barack-obama-and-joe-biden/

  2. OldGuy says:

    you’re off topic, and wrong.

    You left a snippet of these inaccuracies on my blog. I know where you’re coming from, I’m an active Christian, a Baptist, but the leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention (among others) have adopted a societal view toward temperance because they couldn’t figure out how to draw the legalistic line of how much alcohol is safe and how much is too much; they played it safe and declared a Pharisaical man-made rule against a God-given beverage.

    If you leave grape juice in an unrefrigerated clay jar in a desert environment from one annual harvest to another, it will either mold, turn to vinegar or become wine. Our God demands our very best when we make offerings, so when He asks for “half a hin of wine” as a “sweet savor” (Numbers 15:10) He’s not asking for 5 gallons of vinegar nor accept moldy grape juice.

    Also, Leviticus 10 says the priests should not consume strong drink before their service; if they do not drink, why the prohibition? Rabbis today will drink as part of the in-home Shabbat services, and will be offended if you do not honor the Sabbath with a sip. Just because a Christian drinks will not send them to Hell, nor does it make them an alcoholic.

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