The Wisdom of the Palin Pick

Picking Palin did something truly significant.  It energized the GOP base that was hopelessly split between Romney and Huckabee, and brought both camps to the table.  It captured and dominated the conversation. It stopped the ads suggesting that McCain was just another 4 years of Bush and reinforced the idea of Maverick McCain.  It turned all the conversation to a consideration of Obama’s lack of readiness to lead, being considered to McCain’s second in command.  And it left Biden in the dust.  (Biden who?)

Some suggest she is the female version of Barak Obama, an upstart with homeland values, an outsider without the Washington spin, an eloquent speaker that energizes the base.

There is an “audacity of hope” in her getting elected.  She has real opinions not crafted by the spin-meisters.  She has real leadership experience, used to hiring and firing, used to suggesting new ideas and carrying out those concepts – not suggesting unworkable ideas and declaring victory simply by suggesting them (and not pushing forward to completion).

Picking Palin was a stroke of genius.  Despite the Democrat talking points, Sarah Palin is the future of the conservative party.


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