Palin is right, Obama is naive, says Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch is worried.  Although he’s a fan of Barak Obama, he’s concerned that the Democratic candidate’s policy choices are going to “ruin our relationships” with the rest of the world, create worldwide inflation and make American business “frightened to add to employment.”

In short, “his policy is really very, very naive, old-fashioned, 1960s.”

Murdoch, the chairman of the News Corp, is taking the long view of the current economic crisis.  “this started 15 years ago, with Barney Frank and people pushing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to make a lot of bad loans, until they finally had $11 billion … it became a racket.”

He said Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulson”has done a fantastically good job” keeping the crisis under control.

As for Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin’s call for more regulation, he agrees.  “I think what she says is right. Clearly, there has to be some more regulation,”

Here’s the full interview from Fox News:


If you want to see this from a different perspective, see harddriller’s page.


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