Why McCain Must Win

Orson Scott Card is a very smart, very educated, well-read man.  You know him as a science fiction writer.  He’s also a political commentator.

Here’s what he said recently about why his choice for president – Barack Obama – should not win this year’s election.  It was in the form of an open letter to John McCain:

“I’m also an American who believes that we must have a President who understands that we are at war with Islamic terrorists, and that there is great danger from Iran, Russia, China, North Korea, and others waiting on the horizon for us to show any weakness.

“We also face a crucial showdown between judges who interpret the law and judges who think they get to make laws up. Obama would appoint more dictator-judges; you would not.

“If it were not for those issues, I would be voting for Obama this year.

“Instead, I must vote for you. And you must, for the sake of this country’s future as a free land, win.


Thus says an Obama democrat political activist, an accomplished writer who has made the case better than I could.


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