McCain Owns No Houses

The Obama campaign has attacked McCain for not knowing how many homes he owns, implying he has so many he can’t keep track – and thus is out of touch with common Americans.  It was in response to criticisms about his $1.1M shady deal for the $1.65M Chicago mansion.

According to politico (, his wife and trusts controlled by her or him own eight houses and condos, but McCain owns none outright.  He lives in her condo in Phoenix, and in a Virginia condo owned by her, her children and their trusts.


About the convention:

Robert Gibbs, strategist for Barak Obama, heard the same speech you and I heard, but he doesn’t acknowledge any of the economic reforms we heard her propose:  American oil and gas, alternative energy investments, tax relief for small business, competition and fairness from large corporations.

The democratic pundits took tidbits out of context and made absurd comments.  They kept trying to paint her as only a small-town mayor with no qualifications, and that they would be the same as Bush Cheyney.  (Do they not see how stupid that makes them look?)  They actually said that community organizing – important as it is – was the same as running a state.


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