McCain on Education

Senator Obama this week claimed that McCain doesn’t have a plan for reforming education, even claiming that he hadn’t done anything on the issue for nearly 30 years.  “Not one real proposal or law or initiative. Nothing,” Obama said.  It’s a lie.

There’s a video on YouTube from last February where candidate McCain is addressing a small gathering of teachers, explaining his understanding of the issues and what needs to happen next.  It’s clear he’s not a “party line” Republican, but thinks through the issues before making a judgement.  Here’s the video

A new Obama television ad suggests that Senator McCain “voted to cut education funding and voted against accountability standards.” You have to know that Senator McCain voted with majority in authorizing No Child Left Behind, one of the most significant education bills in the last decade.  And it’s clear from the video he wants to improve on those reforms, knowing full well the impact a robust educational system has for the future of America.

Senator Obama continues to release inaccurate reports.  Now you know better.


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