Lies as Truth

We are in real trouble when truth is reported as lies and lies are reported as truth. That’s where we are right now, what Obama calls the “crazy period.”

McCain and Obama have a legitimate and distinct difference of opinion on how to reform the country and overcome the destruction of Cheney’s 8 years (Bush was a bystander).  Senators Obama and Biden urgently believe that society cannot be trusted to look out for itself, and like a perennially-immature child, must be watched over closely by the mother country.  Having fostered a dependent clientele, they dare not leave that citizenry in charge of the public treasury, but rather stand guard to pass out only enough candy to keep the kids in check.  Senator McCain and Governor Palin believe that the majority of Americans are good people who will usually choose to do the right thing, knowing it is in their own self-interest to make the country’s interest a priority.  McCain-Palin believe in limiting government to the barest minimum duties at the lowest reasonable cost, with the balance of any revenue being returned to those who generated the income in the first place.  (If you will not work, you have no right to a share of the rewards.)

The legitimate corrections of the nuances of one another’s points of view are being misrepresented by news media in an attempt to stir up trouble. The pundits especially will ignore what is clearly spoken and criticize the opponent for not addressed their candidate’s core values.  “Why won’t McCain tell us how he’s going to make the government provide health care for all Americans?” they ask, knowing full well the answer is that McCain does not believe the premise that the government should be in that business at all.  On the other side, they criticize Obama for not supporting a Republican view on meeting national energy needs.  And on it goes, stirring and churning, to sell more soap.

Meanwhile, ignorant bloggers continue to obscure legitimate discussion forums with unrelated and unsubstantiated rumors. Honest reporters and those with reasoned opinions open their columns up for thoughtful discussion and are bombarded with spurious lies and off-topic accusations that can’t be answered.  These are the “Molitov Coctails” of the radical fringes, bent on either absolute acquiescence or controlled anarchy.

No, it is not the candidates themselves who can’t work together.  It is those who claim to speak for them.


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