Liberal Duplicity at work

The events of last week show the lack of liberalism commitment of the modern Democrat activist.  For all their insistence that what a public official does in his private life is irrelevant to his public fitness or conduct, they’re making quite a fuss over Bristol Palin.

For all their protection of personal privacy, they’re now telling us that even the rumors of the private conduct of a conservative candidate is fair game, even more so the true accounts even of a close relative.  They’re all over her teen sexual activity, her pregnancy, even though LIberalism has given this country one of the highest teen birth rates among industrialized nations.

According to a recent post, “The liberal position is morally bankrupt and suicidal to civilization. It is anathema to the Judeo-Christian worldview.”

Of note are pregnancy rates for black teenagers.  In 1990, they were substantially higher than for white or Hispanic teenagers. By 2002, the rates for black and Hispanic teenagers were very similar and were each more than two and one-half times the rate for non-Hispanic white teenagers. By contrast, teen birth rates have declined 13% since the current Republican administration has added abstinence to sex education curricula.* Remembering that abortions are twice as likely among blacks, that means blacks are substantially more likely to engage in unprotected sexual contact than other races.  This with the tacit  endorsement of the NAACP, which encourages abortion rights, as does every member of the Congressional Black Caucus identifies him or herself as pro-choice.

In short, the furor over Bristol Palin’s pregnancy is a red herring.  It’s an attempt to derail a candidacy that would shut down the liberal proclivity for “do as you please and abort later.”


*Sources:HumanEvents.comUS CDC


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