What’s up with Michelle Obama?

Am I reading more into facial expressions, or is there tension between the Obamas?  Is Michelle OK with what Barack is having to do to get elected?  Or is it something else?

I noticed it first in the acceptance speech.  Look at CPAN’s coverage; they panned over at Michelle at 10:13pm.  Everyone else is smiling and applauding.  She’s tight-lipped and not smiling.  True, it’s the same expression as 10:26 when she applauds his “we can change” comment.

Then again at 10:36, applauding the message but with that same firm jaw.

Finally the end, the family greets him on stage.  He greets her, going for a kiss, but she turns her head and offers her cheek instead.

cheek kiss


But look at Joe Biden at that moment.  He comes out hand in hand with his wife.  At the at 11pm time hack, see that she’s standing in front of him and he’s hugging her, but Jill actually has to move his hand, which is dangerously close to the left breast).

So Barack hugs his daughters, and picks up Sasha.  A minute later, Biden and wife walk off stage arm in arm.  The Obamas walk off with the 2 girls between them.

Is it something he’s done?  I keep looking at photos of how staid he looks with his wife, and how happy he looks with other” women.

Whats he changing?

What's he changing?

Let’s look at this a different way

This one confused me, until I read what Oprah’s former boyfriend Steadman wrote: “Michelle hated Oprah being do involved, was jealous of [Oprah’s] power and resented [Oprah’s] blatant flirting with Barack. Michelle even warned her husband if he didn’t start backing away from Oprah, it would put a serious crack in their marriage.”



2 Responses to What’s up with Michelle Obama?

  1. […] proper.  Even when they’re together, they’re separate.  We saw that in the campaign, especially the convention.  If I didn’t know better, she’s punishing him, spending “his” money, and […]

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