Who Is Obama?

Who Is Obama?  That’s one of the key questions for the next couple of months. There are no shortage of answers.  Amazon’s shelves are being added to daily.

David Freddoso’s research is titled The Case Against Barack Obama: The Unlikely Rise and Unexamined Agenda of the Media’s Favorite Candidate.  In it, he lays out Obama’s personal history and the record of his accomplishments as an indication of what Obama’s future will be.  Looking past the false rumors (not soluting the flag, muslim, etc.), Freddoso nonetheless calls Obama “the least experienced candidate in at least one hundred years to obtain a major party nomination for President of the United States,”  a created persona of a reformer without any substance.  Chapter titles include “The Accidental Candidate”, “Obamessiah,” The Stealth Liberal” and “Obama’s Foreign Policy: Inexperience and Uncertainty.”

Freddoso is a reporter for the National Review, covering Capitol Hill.  He has also covered politics for the Evans-Novak Political Report and Human Events.  He is a graduate of Notre Dame and the Columbia School of Journalism.  It’s clear Freddoso does not trust Obama.  And he tells you why.

This book is published by Regnery Publishing and is available for under $16 at Amazon.

On the other side of the aisle is Obama’s Challenge by Robert Kuttner (available at Amazon).  Kuttner is a supporter of Obama, and uses this book to tell the candidate what he’s up against, in case Obama hadn’t grasped the magnitude of the task.

Reviewer Richard Parker puts it this way: 
We must repair, Kuttner persuades us, the enormous damage that’s been done over the past 40 years by heedless business deregulation, careless globalization, massive deficits, environmental neglect, arrogantly unilateral use of military power, increasingly regressive tax system, and most important, by a relentless denigration of the clear value of government itself by those in the highest public offices–even though democratic government has always been and is now, the precondition, not the enemy, of America’s past achievement and future hope. In doing so, he cogently explains how derelict conservative ideology, combined with a deformed bipartisanship, led to this situation, how presidents of great potential have in the past became transformative leaders.

Kuttner clearly believes Obama is the solution, but the book is instructive even to grasp the magnitude of the problem facing both candidates,


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