Todd Palin – regular guy

Now that Sarah Palin has dominated the news all weekend, it’s time to learn about the “first dude” she’s married to.  Turns out, Todd Palin is pretty much a regular guy, with standard likes and problems.

High school graduate, but nothing more.  Worked in the oil patch as a union laborer.  Turned his fishing hobby into a passable small business. Works hard – and plays hard, becoming a champion snow machine racer.  Solid Alaskan hardy pioneer spirit.

Past of that spirit comes from his upbringing  – being raised in part by his Yupik Eskimo grandmother (he’s 1/8 by blood, more by attitude).  He’s frugal, eloping with Sarah to save her parents the cost of a wedding.

And as a regular guy, he did his share of partying.  Got caught once in his youth, and paid his fine.  Nothing since.  By all accounts a great dad.  A churchgoing man who does his best, which is all you can do.

And honest.  He no longer works in the oilfield.  He gave it up after 18 years when Sarah became Governor so there wouldn’t be even the appearance of a conflict of interest, even though that meant he resigned his good union job instead of waiting for a retirement.

Politico said it best:  “So far — and it is hard to tell what the future may hold for Palin’s unexpected national candidacy — the travails of the Palin family probably seem awfully familiar to many average Americans. It is this averageness that makes her such a politically promising running mate for John McCain — and such a dangerous opponent for Democrats. Many voters will find it easy to identify with her family’s struggles.”

RightPundits sums it all  up with “Since his wife has become the Governor of Alaska, Todd has remained in the background as “first dude,” an expression his wife uses. His other interests include coaching hockey and basketball, fly fishing, and spending time with his family.”

What’s not to like?


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