Get It All Out Now

It’s been a tough weekend for the Palin family, the McCain campaign and the Republican party.  What started with a clownfooting of Obama’s love-fest became a mudpatch, with every lowlife democrat hack and liberal blogger spreading lies and inuendo.

Every day seemed to bring new revelations, new pains, new questions.  It dominated the news and the internets.  From over 3000 hits on Digg extolling Sarah Palin on Friday, to twice as many vilifying her on Sunday. It became a referendum on McCain’s judgment.

(Obama’s problem was that when the news wasn’t talking about Palin, they were talking about Hurricane Gustav.  He was hoping to get a bounce out of the convention, but was almost completely forgotten.  Especially since the Vice President seemed to have more experience than the Democrat’s headliner.)

The good this does for the Republicans is that it gets all the dirt out now.  Then, later in the week, we’ll hear Sarah Palin – a competent speaker, a born leader – and the base will be enthused again.  By the time the election gets here, it will all be old news and no one will care.  The issues have traction today, but won’t then.

Obama has already peaked.  Palin is just starting.


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