Palin “Right Choice” for Evangelicals

Last week, I reported Dr Richard Land’s endorsement of Sarah Palin as the person McCain should pick.  Friday, he reiterated his support, saying she is “straight out of veep central casting.”  He is being joined by other notable evangelical leaders.

According to a Washington Times article, Gary Bauer, formerly of the Family Research Council, said the choice was a “grand slam home run” and that the choice is “guaranteed to energize values voters.”

Even Focus on the Family founder James Dobson, who had refused to support McCain earlier, called Palin “an outstanding choice that should be extremely reassuring to the conservative base.”

Over on my side of the country, Mathew Staver, dean of Liberty University School of Law, called the selection “an absolutely brilliant choice,”  adding his endorsement of her as “a woman of faith who has a strong position on life.”

Even Mike Huckabee, who never garnered support of Evangelical leaders, but had – and still commands – an army of committed and activist evangelical workers, called her selection ” a pleasant surprise.”  On his blog, he commented that “she also brings an important balance of understanding of the critical domestic issues that is needed and that the Democrats have ignored with their ticket.  Governor Palin is smart, authentic, tough, and a dynamic choice that will remind women that  they are not  welcome on the Democrat’s ticket, they have a place with Republicans.”

There’s so much right about Sarah Palin, and so little wrong.  No wonder Evanglicals are lining up behind her.


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