Obama’s Educational Program

Senator Obama claims he’s ready to be president based on the results of what he’s done in Chicago.  What did he do in the are of education, and what are the results?

According to the Chicago Sun Times, reading scores have dropped dramatically over the last five years.

“Over the last five years, minority and low-income public high school students have fallen even farther behind their white and more affluent classmates on state tests and the ACT, a Chicago Sun-Times analysis has found.”

It seems that, overall, educational quality has dropped since the reforms were put in place.

But it’s not just the city.  It’s systemic in Illinois.

“Outside Chicago, the gap between Downstate and suburban whites and blacks also grew but not as severely as in Chicago. That’s because non-Chicago whites didn’t improve much. Scores for non-Chicago blacks dropped since 2003, even more than in Chicago. The gap stayed the same for Hispanics.”

What does this say for an Obama presidency?  Programs, spending, but little real progress.


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