McCain – Palin: Dream Team Off and Running

McCain announced his running mate today and picked one of my favorites, Governor Sarah Palin from Alaska. (see also here)

Compared to the ObamaFest of this week, the announcement ceremony was one for the record books.

  1. No press leaks until just before the event – and then enough buzz to guarantee a wide audience
  2. A big announcement right after Obama’s convention – bigfooting Democratic coverage
  3. A tribute by Gov Palin to the women before her – Ms ferraro and Sen Clinton – for “putting a thousand cracks in the glass ceiling, and then declaring her own goal of finally breaking that ceiling. (An obvious attempt to provide an alternative to disaffected Hillary supporters, whose candidate was never considered to be O’s VP.)
  4. Started on time, ended on time, and had appropriate breaks in the middle for broadcast station ID (source: Rush Limbaugh).

Look at what she brings to the ticket:

  • Young (JFK was 44 when he was elected, too), mother of 5, against abortion (kept her downs syndrome baby),
  • She’s been in politics since 92, when she won the first of two terms on City Council, and then became mayor in 99, defeating the incumbent. She was also president of the Alaska Conference of Mayors. She’s been Governor of Alaska for 2 years, making a name for herself as a reformer, with three cornerstones of education, public safety, and transportation. She’s the one who killed the “Bridge to Nowhere” and has publicly challenged Ted Stevens over ethics questions.
  • As Governor, she’s the head of Alaska’s National Guard, and is a member of the NRA. She has an 80% approval rating.
  • Her husband Todd, a Native American (1/4 Eskimo) is an oilfield worker for BP and runs a commercial fishing company. Her husband is a member of the United Steelworkers Union and championship snowmobiler.
  • She’s good looking, and is a competent speaker.

In an election where issues matter, Governor Sarah Palin is an asset.


One Response to McCain – Palin: Dream Team Off and Running

  1. loomisnews says:

    I’m very exciited, and couldn’t be happier that McCain chose Palin!

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