McCain Leads in Charitable Giving

How is the best way to lead? By example. And McCain’s example of charitable giving is impressive.

According to a post by BibleTrainer, McCain’s charitable giving appears relatively stable from year to year within a range higher than 20% of his AGI. By contrast, despite widely publicized church attendance, Obama rarely gave more than 5% until he announced his candidacy for President.

McCain’s generosity is understandable.  He’s a member of North Phoenix Baptist Church.  I’ve heard their former pastor and know that most Southern Baptist Churches teach their people to give 10% of their gross income as a tithe, and then to be generous with giving over and above that amount.

It comes from within, as demonstrated by a long history of generosity.  His own campaign literature puts it this way:  “First and foremost, I promise to put our country first, before my own self interest. I have put my country first throughout my entire life. I owe America more than she has ever owed me.”  His actions with his checkbook indicate his understanding that he is a steward of what he has been given, and the steward owes back to the master a share of the proceeds.”

If McCain loses, I know his charitable giving will remain consistent.  If Obama loses, will his?


One Response to McCain Leads in Charitable Giving

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