John McCain’s mixed race family

I read an interesting post harkening back to the 2000 election, where friends of Bush told the press just before the South Carolina primary that McCain had a black baby, implying an impropriety.  Turns out, the allegation was partially true, just not the way people took it.

msgpdr posted that McCain should have immediately owned up to the charge, and introduced his family, including a baby his wife Cindy brought home in 1993 from a Bangladesh orphanage run by Mother Theresa.  “Here, John, meet your new daughter.”  True to his character, baby Bridget – who would have died within the year had she been left in her home country – has grown to become a vibrant member of the McCain family.  In fact, a campaign mailer says that experience changed their attitude toward orphans.  “Today, Cindy and John work together to promote adoption and to help women facing crisis pregnancies.”

Now 16, Bridget McCain is a High School Junior in Phoenix, who “likes playing basketball and volleyball, and like most kids, enjoys spending time with her friends.”  In a report last December, Bridget said her parents are her role models and heroes. “My Dad’s best achievement is being a dad and also running for president at the same time. He always puts family first!”

She’s not “black” and she’s not from an illicit affair. But she has helped Candidate John McCain understand the need for better adoption rules, and helps keep him in touch with today’s younger generation.  It’s a great way to have a “mixed race” family.


5 Responses to John McCain’s mixed race family

  1. Sally says:

    So where is she?

  2. OldGuy says:

    Seems John McCain protects his family from the press. She’s part of the family photos but his children stay separate from his campaign.

  3. Sally says:

    Uh huh. Then why do we always see Meghan McCain? She campaigned for him and even has a blog.

  4. OldGuy says:

    Meghan is in her 20s and working for the campaign, and keeps his schedule for him. Bridget is still 16.
    If you’re watching the Republican convention, you’ll see Bridget sitting right behind her mother, next to Meghan.

  5. Noneya says:

    thats rite she’s in my class and is just fine n regular ! It’s no ones buisness wher she’s @ but this week she wuz gone 4 the convention ! She jus doesnt lik bein in the press

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