Meg Whitman as McCain’s Vice President?

Rumors are flying that McCain has chosen his running mate, and it’s not anyone we’ve been watching. The rumor is that it’s Meg Whitman, former President and CEO of ebay.

Whoever it is, they will be presented to supporters on Friday in Dayton Ohio, at Wright State’s Nutter Center, next to Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Having a woman would capture disaffected Clinton supporters. Choosing a tech business person would capture those who wanted Romney’s business skills. Also, she was finance chair on Romney’s Presidential exploratory committee.

She has a Bachelor of Economics from Princeton and an MBA from Harvard Business School. She worked 8 years at Boston’s premier management consulting firm Bain and Company, leaving as Vice President. She oversaw global management and marketing for Hasbro’s Mr Potato Head and Playskool. She was President of FTD florists.

Meg Whitman is only 52, just a few years older than Obama, and younger than Hillary Clinton. She is a baby boomer with tech credentials, a manager with skills to put the country back on solid financial footing. She’s even more an outsider for change than Obama, just as McCain is a more respected and active Senator than Joe Biden.

I don’t know if this is a true rumor any more than you do, but it’s an interesting choice.


3 Responses to Meg Whitman as McCain’s Vice President?

  1. Luke V. says:

    Just curious, where are you hearing that rumor?

    Things seem to be pretty quiet on the McCain Veep front compared to Obama last week…

  2. OldGuy says:

    This info was reported by CNN just prior to Biden’s speech.

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