Madeline Albright Makes the Case for John McCain

Interesting speech tonite from Madeline Albright, former Secretary of State under Bill Clinton. She was speaking at the Democratic National Convention. Or perhaps the word should be “curious.”

What caught my attention was the comment toward the end of the speech about acting to keep terrorism from our shores. Wasn’t it the Albright / Clinton policy of global inaction that brought the terrorists to our shore? When there were attacks on our troops in the Persian Gulf, Clinton would send a cruise missile to blow up some sheik’s tent. The terrorists learned that attacks on foreign shores would not attract American attention. They learned from 8 years of a Democratic approach that nothing short of an attack on American soil would bring their message home.

She criticized McCain for predicting a long-term peacekeeping presence in Iraq. True, the Iraq war has been badly run, but going there was the right thing to do. And in hearings before the Senate, it was John McCain, not Barak Obama, that asked the tough questions of military leaders about strategy and objectives. Ms Albright claimed that McCain would not learn, but his questions were intended to help him shape opinion based on facts, not rhetoric.

As I listened, I believe Secretary Albright made the case for why the country needs John McCain as our Commander in Chief.


p.s. – Clinton himself later actually had the AUDACITY to claim it was the Republicans’ response to the Clinton-created terrorism that erased the short-term economic gains of the Clinton ponzi scheme.  (Remember that he refinanced the debt with short-term adjustable-rate bonds instead of locking in long-term low-rate debt.  Just like the current housing crisis, the Clinton “miracle” was that he got credit for something not of his doing, and he left office before it collapsed on him.)


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