Draft Mike Campaign

There are a number of Huckabee supporters mounting a number of campaigns to get him selected for Vice President.  I admire their dedication, but it’s a lot of heat for not much light.

Mike Huckabee was the great hope for evangelical conservatives, the only one really speaking the language.  Othersm like Guillani and Romney at the beginning of the campaign, were far too liberal on social issues to ever get more than a token support.  Huckabee had lived the Baptist ethos for so long it came out in everything he said.  He was unapologetically Christian (not just attending a few services when the media was around) without needing to give an altar call at the end of each speech.

Trouble is, our culture has become secular, and the news media even more so, almost anti-Christian.  So Huckabee could not get the media attention he needed – even got left off the official League of Women Voters’ Candidate Guides in Texas and Ohio!  It’s amazing he did as well as he did.

What made the campaign successful was an army of fanatical volunteers.  Needing signatures to get Huckabee on the Virginia ballot, he got over 15,000 signatures in less than 3 weeks with only one paid staffer in the state.

Now those volunteers want to pressure McCain into picking Huckabee to be Vice President.  They’re circulating a petition that quotes an article from People for the American Way, and asked me to participate.

I can’t join the list.  McCain/Huckabee isn’t likely to sway the sheep voting for Obama and just about anyone else (except Hillary).  A failure in the polls puts too much pressure to find someone else.

I’m putting my support behind JC Watts, if he’d accept. JC Watts has the credentials to counter McCain’s negatives and Obama’s positives.  Younger, eloquent, and black (two black parents), he has been a football star, a Congressman, a Baptist Youth Pastor, and is a businessman with strong family ties.  Anything Obama offers, he offers more, better.

If you want to write McCain about a VP candidate, ask him to ask Watts.  I did.


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