An Unconventional Campaign

I read CBS news reporter Joy Lin’s article about the Huckabee campaign.  It’s an especially good overview.  As one of the thousands of spontaneous volunteers that defied pundits, I’d say she nailed it.

Politics, at its worst, is about deceit and manipulation, but if Romney’s greenbacks and political influence could not determine the caucus outcome, then Huckabee’s win seemed to affirm the power of the ordinary individual to decide the kind of man and the message they wanted to vote for. With that, a certain corner of the public imagination peeled open to expose a whole realm of possibilities: what could a campaign do with little money and a threadbare infrastructure? Did this mean ordinary contributions of only $20 could make a real difference in the campaign? Was it possible to organize successful phone banks online?

Huckabee’s campaign was so non-conventional, the Texas and Ohio League of Women Voters refused to include him in their voter guide because “he hadn’t collected enough money to be considered viable,” even after he’d won several states and emerged as one of the top delegate getters.

Quoting Joy Lin:Huckabee’s win seemed to defy the most clinical components of campaign success: money, experience, organizational strength, and coziness with establishment insiders.


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