The Choice – Self Government or Big Government

Tonight (April 14) former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee spoke to a crowd of almost a thousand at Union College as part of the college’s Speakers Forum.  It revealed much about why he believes what he believes.

One point that is already making news is a belief in the value of personal responsibility. 

Mike Huckabee said that “When people make rational, moral choices then there is little need for government.”  He elaborated by saying “One of the reasons we have such an extraordinary level of government is because we have failed to self-govern.”

Huckabee also noted the cost of this lack of personal responsibility.  Big government is expensive, and the actions of a few costs all of society.

He also introduced us to his version of what he calls “Hucktown,” where people are hard-working, educated, and don’t commit crime.  I Hucktown, there is no need for government regulation beyond the provisions of basic necessities.

To this reporter, the message of tonight’s speech tells as much about our society as it does the man who recently ended his presidential campaign.  Too many Americans have come to accept “Big Government” as the way things have to be, and have no language anymore to understand the concepts of limited rule.

But wouldn’t it be nice?


p.s. – The Schenectady Daily Gazette posted an interesting caption to their picture of the event.  An affable Mike Huckabee in suit but no tie stopped to greet members of the media before a press conference.  It’s so refreshing to see a politician who genuinely likes people as people, not as a means to an end of getting elected.

Sources:  Schenectady Times Union and Schenectady Daily Gazette


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