Where are they now?

What happens to candidates when they drop out? For some, like Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo, they go back to the job they were avoiding in Congress. Bill Richardson went to the beach and came back darker than Obama.

Romney went home to fix up the vacation house. Mark Towner saw him at the Park Cities (Utah) Home Depot buying tools and supplies. In by himself, in jeans and a polo shirt, driving his own Jeep Cherokee out of the parking lot. Just a regular guy. (Gotta do it yourself after blowing $40M running for President.) Says Mitt’s a “regular guy” doing guy stuff. Read it yourself!

According to Celebrity Cafe, Fred Thompson, who delayed entry into the race to finish out the spring season of Law and Order, is headed back to what he seems to do best. (He’d have probably done better if he’d quit the show earlier and gone straight into politics, but by the time he showed up to the dance, everyone had already partnered up.) Thompson signed up with the William Morris agency to be an actor again. Good for him.

Huckabee went home to spend time with the family and the dogs. Then he went out on the campaign trail, speaking for other candidates at state and Congressional level.  I don’t think we’ve hear the last of him.


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