What next?, part II

The emails about Huck for Veep are starting to taper off, and now they’re ramping up for the 2012 presidency race. I told one guy to “get real.”

Then I read what marketing genius Seth Godin said about Hillary Clinton’s options. He suggested the cost for her to win are almost too great, that she will create more problems for her eventual electability by staying in the race. (This is a different argument than was given to Huckabee. With him, his being in the race was hurting McCain!)

Here’s some of what Godin said:

“For a long time, we’ve created a myth in our culture that it’s worth any price to reach your goal, especially if your ego tells you that you’re the best solution. We’ve created legends of people and organizations that pursued transformative long shots to achieve great results.

I need to be really clear: pushing through the Dip and becoming the best in the world at what you do is in fact the key to success. But (and it’s a big but), if you’re required to become someone you’re not, or required to mutate your brand into one that’s ultimately a failure in order to do so, you’re way better off quitting instead.”

If “the system” requires Huckabee to become someone he isn’t then maybe he shouldn’t try to be that someone. He has clearly awakened an Evangelical political army, and that army can do a lot to influence the other national races, and the state and local races. As a party leader, national statesman and values champion, Huckabee stands a chance of becoming a great American, even if he never makes it to the White House.


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