And where to for Evangelicals?

With McCain the only Republican left in the race, Evangelicals are faced with a dilemma: which one of the three main candidates is most like them?  Which one attends church on a regular basis?  Which one talks about their faith as giving guidance to their actions?

Unfortunately, it’s not McCain.  In a report titled McCain Makes His Pitch to Conservatives, William Murray (son of Madeline Murray O’Hair; he is now a Christian) reports McCain’s feeble attempts to sound like one of us, but not quite pulling it off.

Speaking at the Council on National Policy (CNP), a premier conservative group, Murray reports that McCain may think he did well, but he left the audience with more questions than answers.

“On immigration he said he wanted to secure the border, but that is not what his voting record indicates is his true policy. On issues from abortion to basic economic policy he told those present to look at his record, which, unfortunately for him, they have done.”

Murray says the most troubling was the lack of a statement of faith.  McCain told a touching story of a POW guard who revealed himself to be a Christian, but stopped short of expressing any personal beliefs.

“In conversations after the event most agreed that is was impossible to tell from John McCain’s remarks if he indeed had a personal relationship with the Lord. Of course, that does not mean that he does not. It does mean that he has great difficulty in publically acknowledging a relationship with the Lord.”

So what will the conservative Evangelicals do?

“His address to the CNP offered no assurances to social conservatives that would cause them to give his campaign the same enthusiastic support as evangelicals gave Mike Huckabee… After the Huckabee withdrawal, Evangelicals, mad at their leaders for supporting Mormon Mitt Romney and marginal Catholic Rudy Giuliani, packed up their bags and went home rather than to the McCain tent.”




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