Where to for Gov Huckabee?

The race for President in 2008 ended for Governor Mike Huckabee.  Many are wondering “what next?”  He’s not a Senator, not a man of money, not anything right now.  He is, in his words, taking time off before deciding what to do next.

Some supporters want Huckabee for Vice President. But some supporters of Gov Mitt Romney suggest they will vote Democratic, or not vote, if Huckabee is on the ticket. It’s childish, but they are legally registered Republican voters, and their vocal protestations could cause problems for the Republican ticket.

Ken Blackwell is Chairman of the Coalition for a Conservative Majority, a Fellow at the American Civil Rights Union, and the Buckeye Institute. His idea is to make Mike Huckabee Chairman of the Republican National Party.

Huckabee brings middle-class credentials not common to the Republican party. He’s a Republican who appeals to Democrats the way Reagan did. He has widespread support among Evangelicals, who make up one third of the Republican base. He is an eloquent speaker who can appeal to a broad range of people.  And he has the support of leading black Republicans.

He also brings honesty to fiscal policies. When other candidates were spending tens of millions on their campaigns, he achieved 2nd place on a shoestring. He got so much on so little, the Texas League of Women Voters did not include him in their voter guide because he hadn’t raised enough money!

Being chairman of the RNC would also give him national attention and lets him continue to influence the party without having to be the party’s nominee.

I think it’s a good choice.


3 Responses to Where to for Gov Huckabee?

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hey – I also wrote about this on my blog – I agree with you 100%. I think that if Huckabee is chosen as RNC Chairman this would give him 4 years to keep our message out there and gain support – also, if McCain were to lose Huckabee would still be there as RNC Chairman and if McCain were to choose Romney as his VP that would keep those who have been quit mean and childish at times happy and maybe they could see what we see in Huckabee over the next 4 years. Great blog by the way. You can check out mine if you would like at:


    I actually want this blog to be “OUR” blog – I am welcoming anyone with a Christian / Conservative / Fair Tax message that wants to participate to let me know and I can add their info. with credit to them on there – take care – great message and great blog.


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  3. Kay Carnes says:

    Huckabee himself has said he is not interested in this position and we want him to be with McCain as his vice president. Romney supporters will come on board because, if they want their man to have a chance in 2012, McCain winning is their only chance. If Obama gets in he will definitely be there 8 years, McCain possibly only 4. Romney is 61. In 8 years he will be as old as McCain is now. The survey polls show Huck helps McCain better than anyone else. McCain’s recent problem with the pastors further enhance Huck’s value to the ticket. Huck was smart enough to court blue collar/middle class from day one. Plus, McCain and Huckabee actually like and respect each other, proved they could work well together in Iowa, campaign chemistry between them is the best! Huck is the most shrewd campaigner/debator I have ever seen. He came from out of nowhere and jumped to a tier one candiate and the last standing with McCain.

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