Cost Consciousness

We date so we can get to know a future spouse.  We assume (although this isn’t always true) that how someone acts on a date is the best they can be, and over time we will get to know the underlying values of the person, prior to marriage.

We are ‘dating” the candidates.  How they conduct themselves now is perhaps the best face we will see on them.  They will never be more accommodating to our wishes than when they are trying to get our votes. 

The campaigns are in the delegate business.  The point is to turn the raw material of citizens into voters, and then turn voters into delegates.  The number of delegates produced is the output of this enterprise.  An efficient enterprise is able to produce the maximum number of delegates from a minimum outlay of resources.

I contend that the candidate we want for president is the one who handles our money carefully.  He is a steward of the resources, and gets the greatest return on the investment made.

So I looked at the number of delegates produced by the 6 remaining candidates, and the funds collected and spent.  The funds part was easy, since each reports regularly to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).  The delegate count, however, is less clear. 

There are some states with funny results.  Washington’s results are still in doubt, since they closed the election with only about 85% of the votes counted.  And I’m trying to find out what happened in Louisiana, since gives McCain all 41 delegates, even though Huckabee received 2100 more votes.

And the various websites have differing numbers of delegates earned.  Not counting the 109 unpledged RNC delegates, McCain has somewhere between 917 and 1014 delegates, depending on which one of the three sites I looked at (Real Clear, Fox and CNN).  Romney is somewhere between 255 and 270, and Huckabee is between 249 and 257 delegates.  Even Ron Paul has either 14 or 21 delegates, depending on who you believe.

And the cost per delegate? 

  • Huckabee is most efficient, spending an average (depending on which delegate count you use) of just over $48,000 per delegate.
  • McCain is close, spending around $52,000 apiece.
  • Romney, the MBA, spent $377,353 per delegate.  That’s more than liberal spenders Clinton and Obama spent per delegate.  But less than the $1.7 Million per delegate Ron Paul has spent.
  • Clinton has spent over $98,000 per delegate, but Obama has “only” spent $93,000 per earned delegate.
  • This shows – in my mind – that the front-running Republicans are more careful with the funds given than the front-running Democrats.  I believe this gives insight into their character as trustee of the common weal (good fortune) of the nation.

By the way, neither Huckabee, Paul or Obama have incurred any debt in this race.  Clinton has borrowed $5M (from herself) and McCain has borrowed $4M (using the potential campaign financing promise as collateral, a questionable practice the FEC is looking into).  Gov Romney left the race owing himself over $42M.

And that is another reason I support Mike Huckabee for President.


2 Responses to Cost Consciousness

  1. RGeorgeDunn says:

    I too would like to see the data on what type of delegates we have in each State. I will say what I know and if it is wrong, correct me.

    In Michigan we use committed and uncommitted. The definition of this means that on first vote, committed go to the primary vote. Uncommitted are free to choose who they think is the full cup. Their obligation as delegates are to the constituents within their District.

    The other methods I have heard of are the pledged and unpledged. Those who are unpledged are uncommitted to any particular candidate while the pledged delegate has endorsed a candidate. My understanding of this is, the pledged delegate is still an uncommitted delegate. Thus the real value of today’s total are not quite right. If the voters knew this truth , they may just change their minds and vote for the full cup rather then being swooned into a half cup to maintain status quo.

    Finally what we need to read:

    How many delegates does each candidate have, including Doctor Paul’s and all those who no longer are able to vett returning, that are committed and uncommitted, regardless of pledge?

    The Politic we are facing in this delegate arena is the NRC. Though their mandate is to represent the States only and not a candidate, they have violated this Truth by acting, three times I know of. Now we are in battle with our own Party in gaining delegates. Not much of a Republic when that happens. We must remember that in the end, unity will be needed, so no blood.

    We have two approaches, individually in each State or first as a unite taking on the NRC which is being a small representative of the Nation, more a reflection of the Bureaucracy that has formed, formerly known as fascist. Individualism at the National Level reminds me of the reason for past wars. Our goal is for us to tell the NRC to cease and desist! They are crying for our financial support, they need to behave!

    The best way to go about this is to have open to the public Delegate Assemblies. The candidates can have Lincoln Douglas debates and ride a train from one State Delegate Assembly to the next. We have all summer and this will be a great way of involving the people and who is this most important quest for, the We the People!!! Keep it simple and the cost will allow for you to save for the Fall. I bet we could find someone to donate a train for use. Oh, no, lobbyists? I will chip in to pay for the Train.

    I heard one company has spent enough money upgrading their Train engines spending nine Billion dollars to change the hourly use of one gallon of fuel from one hour to ten hours. :o) That my friend is a very good example of true Bless Conservatism. Spend money only when it gives use a return. Governor & President Reagan knew that and did that. Governor Huckabee too did that and will again.

    Doctor Paul, it is time to unite, keep your vote but be sure that we keep McCain from getting delegates where we can. The Law of Primary Election allows for candidates to form coalitions to meet desired Platforms. Thank you for Virginia and for West Virginia. Wisdom comes from those who know that the very foundation of this Nation is what keeps us from drifting astray.

    We need to press the Plank of Mike on the mandatory Good Behavior as stated in the Bible and spoke to in Federalist 78 by Alexander Hamilton.

    Though Hamilton was for Nationalism and less Federalism, he knew that you could not have either is you did not have Good Behavior in the Judicial Branch. A Judicial lifetime appointment of good behavior keeps politics out of the Courts, so says Alexander Hamilton who also said good behavior of judiciary is the fundamental interpretation of law.

    The downfall of many a Kings have been their abuse of the Justice System. Imagine what you have when they become so without any permission.

    On September 1st we can have our first vote and decide then who we want to elect our Judges and administer the Constitution Fully. FULLY! Some adjustments are huge and will take years, but time is on our side, Eternity is in the Wind!

    It is out there somewhere, the Committed/uncommitted list of delegates. Here is a page of the Delegates per state:

    Louisiana I think is all uncommitted as they did not make 50%. There is something about Ohio to. Washington is also different then reported.

    We have two States that are being told they cannot send all their delegates, Michigan and Florida. What? I can see this being true in not influencing the Primary season, but when we get to the Convention, the Primaries are over. The first vote is that of Delegates.

    The delegates of every District will be allowed to vote in the first vote. If the primary season did not commit them, then they are free to vote for whom ever they wish. And don’t tell me a district does not have equal vote over some parliament games that very well could be a planned strategy. Naw, not the way things have been going. :o)

    Again, list please? The first list that is accurate gets the creators name! Tick Tock!!!

    May you each have an Angel going before you straightening your path,

    R. George Dunn

  2. RGeorgeDunn says:

    Actually there are several States that have had their delegates cut in half:

    State delegates claimed lost
    Florida 57
    Michigan 30
    New Hampshire 12
    South Carolina 24
    Wyoming 14
    Total 137

    Most of those are right of center. Hmm!
    Not on first vote are they lost!


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