Stand Up!

The media continues to treat the Republican nomination as a done deal. Maybe it’s their habit of “calling” an election based on exit interviews. Maybe because they’re too used to traditional politics, and Mike Huckabee is anything but traditional. He’s the first candidate in a long time to fully exercise the power of the internet to mobilize a dynamic grass-roots effort coupled with achievable ideals. He uses the web and social networking like a pro.

There’s an axiom in church planting that says if you don’t have money, you improvise, but if you have money you trust the money, and don’t really have much to show for it when the money’s gone. That’s certainly been true in this election. Other candidates have raised and spent significant amounts of money with nothing to show for it. Huckabee has never been about the money, so when it’s not there, he’s still able to press on.

So, despite what the media says, we press on. When the whole world is telling us to sit down, Governor Huckabee is telling us to stand up.

Don’t give up, Ohio! The home of the inventors of powered flight and of elevators is not the home of people who will be kept down by old-timers who say it can’t be done. Stand strong Texas! The independence of a proud people should set an example of oppressive outsiders.

Stand up America!


2 Responses to Stand Up!

  1. jposty says:

    Ron Paul has two times the amount of grassroots support Huckabee does and broke several campaign records this year yet, he was never even written in to the election.

    Least the media gave Huckabee coverage at one point in this election cycle…


  2. mike4mike says:

    You’re right. Ron Paul has great ideas, and committed volunteers. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any direction. A lot of heat, not much light. I appreciate Dr Paul’s citizenship, his drive, his service. His participation in this primary season has made the party better. Next time, though, we’ll need to focus that energy for more positive results.

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