Grass Roots in Action

In earlier posts, I mentioned how Governor Huckabee is running a non-traditional campaign. Other candidates are letting their money talk. Huckabee’s “Web 2.0” campaign uses thousands of volunteers, most of whom are computer savy.

Today, I got an email (web, remember?) from Mike Huckabee. He wrote that over 13,000 comments have been left on the campaign blog in just 16 hours today. The reason is clearly, as he himself declared, “Voters are clearly hungry for a healthy discussion of ideas.”

This year should not be business as usual. Huckabee’s campaign is breaking new ground. The problem is with the mainstream media and old guard party leadership.

If you want to be part of the movement, step on over to Huckabee’s blog and leave a comment.

And while you’re there, make a donation. While we run on ideas, there are still expenses of running a national campaign to finance.


2 Responses to Grass Roots in Action

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