Beware the negative campaigning

A guy named “Brad” from one of the meetup groups got my email, probably from one of the people I corresponded with from this blog. He forwarded me a really disturbing email telling me that campaign finance legislation was about to destroy free speech in America, and because of it – said the email – national Republican officials were legally barred from endorsing Gov Huckabee.

And although there are some serious issues behind what it said, most of this article is just plain false. This email is more like shouting “Theater” in a crowded firehouse: it sounds like something important on the surface, but it in reality of no effect because it operates from the wrong premise. That drove it to be wrong on so many counts. And the article in question was from 2001!

The worst part is that it distracts us from the real issues, that of delivering the positive messages Governor Huckabee is bringing to the political debate. I almost let it draw me into a “tit for tat” attack on the email, but decided to proceed with warning you simply to press forward to the high calling of supporting a righteous man who himself refuses to run a dirty campaign. If our beloved Presidential Candidate will not turn negative, we should honor him by not muddying the water on his behalf.


And then Jack Cafferty asks “Will we be spared a negative campaign?”

CNN’s Jack Cafferty was hoping for a civil election, but it seems it’s not going to happen. He commented on McCain’s victory speech on Feb 20: ”

Apparently if you’re John McCain, it’s never too early to start calling people names. Last night while celebrating his victory in Wisconsin, McCain could have chosen to use the free air time he was given on all three cable news networks for advancing some of his ideas of how he thinks he can make the country better. But instead, he chose to call Barack Obama names, referring to the Democrat’s call for change as ‘eloquent but empty.’”

Pretty tough stuff. The comments that made it ‘above the fold’ include mention that both McCain “and his spouse have dirt in their past that would be best left buried. Americans are tired of the negative and are looking for the upbeat and positive; that’s why there is an Obama tidal wave on the Democratic side.”

Not mentioned, unfortunately, is the consistently positive campaign of the other Republican candidate. He’s almost never mentioned at all.

So why is Mike Huckabee hanging around? In part, because he still has a sizeable base of support. And to show you really can run a political campaign without EVER going negative.

Go Mike Go.


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