Proud of the USA?



On Feb 19, CNN posted an article that pits Cindy McCain against Michelle Obama. Ms Obama had on the previous day (President’s Day) said says that not until this election did she feel pride in the USA.

She really did! Here’s the actual video.

CNN’s political blog picked up the story of Cindy McCain responding that she’s been proud of her country for a long time.

On one level, it’s two wives supporting their husbands in a future tough political race. But I have to agree with Ms McCain. It’s hard to believe that Ms Obama doesn’t have faith in the American people.

Our government liberated the nation of Panama. Our government has been the first on the scene to show up to countless disasters, from mudslides to hurricanes to wildfires to tsunamis.

It was not the US government that failed in New Orleans during Katrina. FEMA and the various sanctioned relief agencies were prepositioned at the storm’s edge and on-site within a day. Mississippi, Alabama, Texas and other parts of Louisiana are well on their way to recovery. But the inept management of local New Orleans politicians made sure the losses (both property and human life) were larger than need be. It was not the fault of the government, but rather those who failed to exercise personal responsibility.

Do I agree with everything my government does? Of course not. Am I proud of it? Most of the time. It is still the number one immigration destination in the world.

For Michelle Obama to be ashamed of her country means her husband has not been leading her sufficiently to value the nation he stands a chance of running.

And that scares me.

(for the record, CNN’s blog stopped accepting comments when the total reached 371.)


3 Responses to Proud of the USA?

  1. coollikeme says:

    Michelle Obama why don’t you move out, if you don’t like this country.

  2. doctorj says:

    I live in SELA and my mom on the Ms. Gulf Coast and you are completely off the mark with your Katrina comment. The federal government failed its citizens. You can rationalize and spin all you want. Spin away. It won’t change the truth. I am also ashamed of this country. You cannot drive through the still devastated towns of Pass Christian, MS, Waveland, MS, Picayune, Ms, and of course the miles and miles of destoyed homes in New Orleans and not feel ashamed. The people of the Gulf South are working very hard to rebuild their world. It would be nice to expect support from our fellow Americans. I learned through experience many are too caught up in their political views to do that. Thank goodness for the wonderful, wonderful volunteers, for without their support we would not know we belonged to a country at all. By the way, I am a conservative Republican and I will be voting for a Democrat for president this year.

  3. mike4mike says:

    doctorj, thank you for your comment. If we can agee to disagree, that’s good for the country. Constructive dialog helps us understand one another’s positions. The actions of any one administration on one event should not destroy you pride in the nation, or cause you to ignore the greatness of its people.

    I lived through a Cat 1 Hurricane a few years ago; although my house did not get much damage (I’m on the interior “high ground” – 35 ft above sea level), friends who lived on the tidal waterways lived in a garage and FEMA trailer for almost 3 years while their house was torn down and rebuilt. This area accepted and well-used federal assistance from the Bush presidency.

    The facts are that local politicians in Louisiana refused help, and millions of dollars of federal and foreign aid went unused. The other fact is that federal and volunteer rebuilding continues. That I can be proud of.

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