Post-modernist Politics

Back in November, a blog called “Beyond the Theoretical” reviewed an article by Robert Novak that blasted Mike Huckabee as a closet liberal because he wasn’t greedy enough.  BTT’s take is that This establishment has won tactical elections over the years, but has consistently lost the strategic battle for the direction of the country as we have slipped further into cultural despair.  Conservative citizens should step back and assess how the GOP power structure has done.  Do you want to stay with the current game plan, the current pooh-bahs, the current message?”

This is an enlightening perspective.  I had not quite made the connection between the post-modernist radical individualism and the emerging political environment.  The establishment Republicans are stuck in the modernist movement, believing they can win by yelling loud enough that they are right, instead of doing things that matter. 

The old norms of community are gone.  The heterogeneous neighborhood and the unblinking national allegiance is gone.  But the radical individualism of the 80s and 90s are already changing, as the post-millenial youth of today tend to flock ever more.  They are the most social of generations since the beginning of modern urbanism. 

“Beyond the Theoretical” is correct that Huckabee understands the emptiness of growth for the sake of growth – growth to satisfy personal greed.  Growth should not be the end goal, but the byproduct of actions that customers value.  This is the basis of the emerging model of social capitalism. 

(It’s the same on the Democratic side, too.  Clinton is old school, doing old methods and is baffled why they don’t work.  Obama is new method, and just might win the brass ring.)


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