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The anti-inclusionist rules of the Republican party, with “winner take all states” (even though the November election is “winner take all congressional districts“), mean that although Gov Huckabee consistently pulls a third of the vote despite overwhelming media pressure against him.

But even with tonite’s wins, McCain will not have the nomination until at least mid-March, or later.  Even if he wins all the votes on “mini-Tuesday” (March 4), he will still be 17 votes short.  But it’s unlikely McCain can take Texas.

In reality, the only way for Huckabee to NOT survive the next two weeks is to drop out. Unless McCain stays strong for the next 2 weeks, he begins to look vulnerable. No wonder the party leadership is trotting out all the old staples to try to prop him up.


One Response to Not yet…

  1. rideronthet says:

    Huckabee? The real Christian: Ron Paul. Dig it:

    (note: “rideronthenet” did not add to the conversation, but instead added links to a libelous fear-mongering site (“fear is tyranny”) with articles titled “huckabee-schmuckabee” and “huck-the-fanatic-sycophant.” I welcome a wide range of ideas, and will allow anything relevant to the topic. There were some nuggets of news in the articles, but the overall tone was so aggregeous I refuse to condone it.


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